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Aanandha Mazhai

 Starring: Pawan Kalyan, Keerthi
 Movie Director: A. Karunakaran
 Music Director: Deva
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Balu - Pawan is the youngest son in his family and a careless guy. His father always scolds him, but his uncles and mother dote on him and so do his brother.  On one occasion, Balu's father is angry with him; Balu leaves the house to be left alone for a while. He chances to see Anu -Keerthi on the road with some kids and he falls for her. She has returned from the USA to spend time with her grandfather.

Balu develops a friendship with Anu but never dares to express his love. Anu gets admission into Harvard University and is about to leave. They remain silent until they reach the airport. Just before Anu leaves, she realizes that she is indeed in love with Balu. She proposes to him and they agree to meet after realizing their goals.

Oru Naal Unai Vizhigal Par Hariharan
Yen Pirandhen Ippo  En Vaa Mano
En Manase Se Se Uravondru Hariharan
Enna Aachuda Unakku  Enn Krishnaraj
Nilavil Minminikal Parakku Suresh Peter, Ramesh