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 Sound Track Title: Alli Arjuna
 Starring: Manoj, Richa, Preetha
 Movie Director: Saran
 Music Director: A.R. Rahman
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Sollaayo Solaikili Sollum Undha S.P. Bala, Swarnalatha
Enthan Nenjil Paathi Naan Unn Srinivas, S. Janaki
Instrumental   -    A. R. Rahman A.R. Rahman
Osakka Muraiya  Osakka Murai Karthik, Vasundhara Das
Roja Solladi  Raja Yaaradi Sunt K.S. Chitra
Alli   Arjuna     -    Theme   Music A. R. Rahman
Oonne Oonne Urukkiranae Uyir Shankar Mahadevan, Sadhana

Arivazhagan(Manoj) has grown up to be a rowdy because of neglect and ill-treatmentat the hands of his parents and his only aim in life is to be an irritant to his father. The entire family attends the marriage of Savitri(Richa) in Bangaloreand when the groom disappears, Arivu offers to take his place.

The marriage neverhappens but Savitri shows up at Arivu's house later, asking him to give her refuge. When he moves out of the house to take up residence with his friends, she follows him there too. Initially irritated by her, Arivu realises that he is gradually falling in love with her. Meanwhile, the friends learns that Savitri left her own surroundings just to get over the gruesome suicide of her friend Nisha (Preetha), a victim of eve-teasing.