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Alli thandha vaanam

 Starring: Prabhu Deva, Laila
 Movie Director: Sridhar Prasad
 Music Director: Vidyasagar
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Satyam -Prabhu Deva is the son of billionaire Mouli. Disappointed Mouli asks Satyam to spend three months alone on the streets of Chennai to learn the value of money. He would have no money, and could not use the information of who he actually was.

Satyam steal a suitcase from Madhavan (Murali) but later that night find out it is full of medicine. Without his medicine, Madhavan falls unconscious. Satyam goes to return the medicine and learns he is going to need five lakhs to save him.

So Satyam enters the house of billionaire Rajiv, pretending to be a long-lost son. Prakash Raj as a villain who is after Mouli's money and Prabhu Deva's life. Does Prabhu Deva learn his lesson and come out unscathed forms the rest of the movie.

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