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 Sound Track Title: Amarkalam
 Starring: Ajithkumar, Shalini
 Movie Director: Charan
 Music Director: Bharathwaj
 TamilBeat's Rating:                    

Saththam  Illatha  Thanimai   Ketten S.P. Bala, Sujatha
Unnodu Vazhatha Vazhvenna Vaz Chitra
Kalam  Kazhikalam  Akipochchuda Srinivas, Chorus
Enn Seidhaiyo Vithiyae Ini Enn Saiv Bharathwaj
Sontha Kuralil Paada Rompa Nalaa Shalini
Mehangal Ennai Thottu Ponadhund S.P. Balasubramaniam

There are no compelling performances to give sheen to the fairly complex plot cooked up by director Charan in Amarkalam. The director's screenplay also loses steam midway resulting in a lukewarm payoff

to a good premise. The end product plays out like a dull rehash of Puthiya pathai and numerous other gangster movies.

The story is quite ambitious. Ajith is a local toughie who loans out his brawn power to the hightest bidder. One of his ruffian acts opens up the mandatory "I hate you" clash with Shalini when she receives a stab wound from him. In the best of tamil movie tradition Shalini's father happens to be the police commissioner (Nasser) and surprise surprise, his brother ('Poovilangu' Mohan) is the assistant commissioner and his son is a police inspector! To the director's credit he fashions the Nasser character to be a level-headed and understanding father and delegates the traditional villanous hero bashing duties to the rest of the trio. Enter Raghuvaran- a mysterious ex-dada with high-connections and enough power in the flicker of his eyelides...  [ More ]