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Arangetra Velai

 Starring: Prabhu, Revathi
 Movie Director: Fazil
 Music Director: Ilaiyaraaja
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The story revolves around three unemployed people. The story opens with the arrival of Sivaraman -Prabhu in Chennai to dispute the denial of his company job which he was supposed to receive several years ago.

Several candidates have passed him by with the last one being Rani who pretends to be an influential figure in the town. She threatens Balakrishnan to allow her to continue working despite his efforts to overthrow her.

The company manager Venniraadai Moorthy who knows her family situation poor and pathetic helps her to keep the job. Sivaraman is determined to stay back in the town until he succeeds in getting his job back from Rani.

Maamanukkum Macchanu Mano, K.S. Chitra
Gundu Onnu Vaithirukker Mano
Thai Ariyatha Thamaraiye Mano, S.P. Sailaja

Aagaya Vennilavae Tharai

Uma Ramanan, K. J. Yesudas