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 Starring: Rajini, Rambha,Soundarya
 Movie Director: Sundar C
 Music Director: Deva
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Rajnikanth finds himself to be an orphan. He travels from his village to Madras. There he meets Janakaraj, who gives him a job. By some magical situation, Rajni discovers himself to be a son of a dead millionaire through Visu.  Visu is the guardian of Rajni's father's trust. If Rajni wants his inheritance, he has to follow certain rules. He can get an inheritance of 30 billion if he can spend 300 million in a month. The three conditions are: no  charities, any assets, andl, no one else must not know.

If Rajni fails to spend the money according to the rules, all the money will go to his father's trust which is managed by V.K.Ramasamy, "Nizhalgal" Ravi, Kitty and Raghuvaran.  They want to spoil Rajni's efforts and get all the money for the trust and then to loot the money.

Athanda  Ethanda Arunachalam S.P. Bala, Chorus
Alli Alli  Anarkali Lovely Lovely Mano, Swarnalatha
Mathadu  Mathadu Malligae Ma S.P. Bala, Chitra
Nagumo Hey Sugaamo Vetkaam Hariharan, Chitra
Thalaimagane Kalangathe Thani S.P. Bala
Thalaimagane Kalangathe Thani B.P. Bala
Singaam  Ondru   Purapattathae Malaysia Vasudevan