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 Sound Track Title: Avarampoo
 Starring: Vineeth, Nandhini
 Movie Director: Bharathan
 Music Director: Ilaiyaraja
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Samikitta  Solli  Vachchu Serntha S.P. Balasubramaniam,  Janaki
Aalolam Paadi Asainthadum Kat Ilaiyaraja
Mandhiram Idhu Mandhiram Th K.J. Jesudas
Nadhiyodum   Karaiyoram   Oru S. Janaki
Adukkumalli  Eduthuvanthu Tho S.P. Balasubramaniam,  Janaki

Director Bharathan - He had directed a few Tamil films like ’Avarampoo’, ’Devaragam’ etc. based on his own Malayalam films. But ’Thevar Magan’ which he directed for Kamalahassan outshone all his other Tamil films. With a script by Kamalahassan vaguely inspired from ’Godfather’, Music by Ilayaraja, Camera by Sriram and performance by the giant Sivaji and Kamal, the movie had a true Tamil flavour, unlike his other films. The takings, actions and everything connected with this movie was different, and flowed with aesthetic beauty concealing the violent undercurrent.

If you want to enjoy its class, I recommend you to see its hindi version ’Virasat’ directed by Priyadarshan, and you will easily find the difference

Malayali Artists die early, and Bharathan is one among them. Had he lived for some more time, I hope he would have given some more films, to be etched in the history of Indian films.