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 Sound Track Title: Avvai Shanmugi
 Starring: Kamal, Meena
 Movie Director: K.S. Ravikumar
 Music Director: Deva
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The film starts off with a courtroom sequence where Meena is fighting for divorce from Kamal. She offers various flimsy reasons for wanting divorce which is granted. She married Kamal against her father's (Gemini Ganesan) wishes but being rich and spoilt, she wasn't able to come to terms with living in a small house with no amenities. Kamal is an assistant dance director and so he is not able to spend much time with the family too. All this accumulates and she decides she's had it and gets the divorce. The court orders that Kamal can meet his daughter once a week and this is the only solace. His daughter however loves him a lot and doesn't like the arrangement.

Nasser is a Muslim friend who works in a hotel as a chef. He advises Kamal to somehow get the child from her mom and Kamal goes... [ More ]

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