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 Sound Track Title: Azhagi
 Starring: Parthiban, Nandita Das
 Movie Director: Thangar Bachchan
 Music Director: Ilaiyaraja
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Shanmugam -Parthiban, a veterinary doctor, lives in the city with his wife Valarmati -Devayani and their two children. In school, Shanmugam was in love with his classmate Dhanalakshmi but fate had forced them to go their separate ways, with Dhanalakshmi -Nandita Das being forced to wed her brother-in-law.

One day, Shanmugam spots Dhanalakshmi, who, having lost her husband, now lives a life of poverty on the platforms with her son, Balu. After an unsuccessful attempt to find her a job in a friend's house, he hires her as their servant-maid. However, memories of the past starts to create a tension between Shanmugam and Dhanam, despite their attempts to maintain a distance.

One day, Valarmati finds out from Shanmugam's...[ More ]

Paattu   Solli  Paada   Solli Sadhana Sargam
Damakku  Damakku Dum Bhavatharani, Chorus
Un Kuthama En Kuthama Ilaiyaraja
Oliyile  Therivathu  Deva Karthik, Bhavatharani
Kuruvi  Kodanja Koija Pa Kuppusamy, Swarnalatha
Oru  Sundari Vandhalam Unnikrishnan, Sadhana, Subha