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 Sound Track Title: Bharathan
 Starring: Vijaykanth, Banupriya
 Movie Director: S.D. Sabha
 Music Director: Ilaiyaraja
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Azhake Amudhae Poomthenral Tha Ilaiyaraja
Pottathellam Vetrikallu  Ketpathell Mano, Chorus
Nal Veenai Natham Ennullam Ketk Ilaiyaraja
Punnagaiyin Minsaram Pongavaru Ilaiyaraja, S. Janaki
Punnagaiyin Minsaram Pongavaru Ilaiyaraja, S. Janaki

ACTOR BHANUPRIYA these days is into Pogo, TV channel for children. Her involvement in music, one of her favourite hobbies, is also limited to listening to nursery rhymes. In between donning the greasepaint and mugging up lines to play the screen mother, this mother of one-year-and-nine-months old Abhinaya, also finds time to draw kangaroos and show the moon to her daughter.

With Abhinaya on her lap, Bhanupriya who was in Kerala to shoot for the Malayalam film `Hridayathil Sookshikaan', says: "It has been ages since I have listened to classical music and light songs. These days, we play only nursery rhymes at home."

Bhanupriya, who had an arranged marriage, says that she and her husband took a liking to each other because of their mutual love for the arts. "Adarsh appreciated the fact that though an actress, I am a dancer first and foremost."

But the dancer-turned-actress admits that she has "messed up as a dancer". "I may be a good dancer, but I am at a loss when it comes to the theory." [ More ]