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 Sound Track Title: Chocolate
 Starring: Prashanth, Jaya Re
 Movie Director: A. Venkatesh
 Music Director: Deva
 TamilBeat's Rating:                       

Aravind meets a woman named Anjali, and falls in love with her at first sight despite not knowing anything about her. His friends agree to help him search for her. Once located, Anjali tells Aravind that she would like to try a trial-romance for a week, which may lead to a long-term romance.

Meanwhile, Aravind's best friend, the Assistant Commissioner of Police and his wife, are separated, but yet not legally divorced. He wants her back, but she does not wish to reunite with him. What Aravind does not know is that Anjali is their daughter, and that she is staying in a hostel because she refuses to acknowledge them as her parents until they reunite. The father convinces her to dispense with this trial romance, and make a deeper commitment to Aravind, who he says is a good man.

Dhuriyodhana Nee Dhayam S.Mahadevan, Mahalakshmi
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Anjumaani  Anjumaani Our Mathangi, Chorous
Hosima Hosima  Nanga Rob Devan, Anupama
Maleh Maleh Maleh Maruth Anuradha Sriram, Rayanah
Oru Five Star Parvaiyinalae Niruban
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