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 Starring: Vikram, Laila, Vivek
 Movie Director: Dharani
 Music Director: Vidyasagar
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Dhill is the story about Kanagavel -Vikram whose only dream is to become a police officer. He succeeds in passing the exams and wins a girlfriend, Asha -Laila. One night after having dinner at a restaurant near the beach Velu goes to pay the bill leaving Asha behind.

At that moment a corrupt police officer Shankar -Ashish Vidyarti drinks and behaves indecently to Asha. He then attempts to rape her but is beaten up by Velu severely and receives a scar on his face. Angered by this he seeks revenge against Velu. The rest of the story shows how Velu fights Shankar and his goons finally killing the corrupt police.

The success of Dhill prompted Vikram and Dharani to come together in 2002 for a project titled Dhool, which also went on to do become a large commercial success

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