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 Sound Track Title: Eramana Rojave
 Starring: Shiva, Mohini
 Movie Director: Keyar
 Music Director: Ilaiyaraja
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Adho Mega Oorvalam Adho Minn Mano, Sunatha
Vaa Vaa Anbe Poojai Onru Poojai K.J. Jesudas, S. Janaki
Thenral Katre Konjam Nillu Anke K.J. Jesudas, S. Janaki
Adichachu Lucky Prize Kidaichaa Mano, Arunmozhi
Kalakalakkum Mani Oosai Salasaa Mano, S. Janaki
Vanna Poonkavanam Chinna Bhir Chitra
Kalyana Tharakare Tharakare Oru Mano, Malaysia Vasudevan

The ilaiyaraja way! In Western classical world there are two distinct classifications of music. One is ‘program music’ and the other is ‘absolute music’. The first one is the idea that music should describe stories and concepts. The other one is making music as it comes to your mind without any preset ideas. That is the belief that music should exist solely to express musical thoughts.

What Ilaiyaraaja does in films is basically ‘program music’ as he does them for a given situation or scene or emotions.

In films there are two classifications. Creating song music and creating background score for the completed feature film. In the industry parlance scoring for the background music is also called as Re-Recording.