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 Sound Track Title: Ejaman
 Starring: Rajanikath, Meena
 Movie Director: R.V. Udhayakumar
 Music Director: Ilaiyaraja
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Vaanavaraayan (Rajnikanth) plays the role of a feudal chieftain, adored and respected by his village people. Following his advice, they abstain from voting in the elections and instead, pool the money given by the candidates to get themselves some basic amenities. Vallavaraayan (Napoleon) is his arch enemy. Their enmity is further sharpened when Vaanavaraayan wins the hand of Vaitheeswari (Meena), whom Vallavaraayan had also wished to wed.

So Vallavaraayan convinces the priest at the temple to mix a poison in the holy water that Vaitheeswari drinks. As a result she becomes incapable of conceiving. But surprisingly, Vaitheeswari soon becomes.... [ More ]

Ejaman Kaladi Manneduthu Malaysia Vasudevan, Chorus
Aalappol   Velappol   Aalam S.P. Bala, Chitra
Nilave Mugam  Kattu Yenai S.P. Bala, S. Janaki
Idiye  Aanaalum Thanki Kol Malaysia Vasudevan
Urakka Kaththu  Kozhi Tha S. Janaki
Adi  Rakku  Muththu Rakku S.P. Bala
Oru Naalum Unai Maravaa S.P. Bala S. Janaki
Thookku Chattiya Thokkipa Malaysia Vasudevan, Chorus