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 Sound Track Title: Enga Chinna Raasa
 Starring: K. Bhagyaraj, Radha
 Movie Director: K. Bhagyaraj
 Music Director: Shankar Ganesh
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K Bhagyaraja is one of the great director and actor in Tamil Movies. In this movie Bhagyaraj plays a devoted son to his stepmother who could do anything for her word. The mother is wicked and she leave this guy illiterate at cost of her own son.

Bhagyaraja marries to a girl without knowledge of his mother - but he even abendons his wife on his mother's order. How the things are sorted out is the story.

The movie was a great hit and remade in Hindi as "Beta" - a blockbuster.

Bhagyaraja directed as well as acted in this movie. This is a thoroughly entertaining movie.

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