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 Sound Track Title: Idhu Namma Azhu
 Starring: Bhagyaraj, Shobana
 Movie Director: Bhagyaraj
 Music Director: Bhagyaraj
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Ammadi Idhuthan Kaathala Aada S.P. Bala, Chitra
Sangeetham Paada Gyanam Ullav S.P. Bala, Vani Jeyaram
Pachcha Malai Sami Onnu Uchchi Bhagyaraj
Nan Alana Thamarai Rompa Nala S. Janaki
Kama Devan Alaiyam Athil Katha Balasubramaniam, Janaki

K.Bhagyaraj - has certainly inched his way slowly but steadily up the rungs of tamil cinema. He first served as assistant director to Bharathiraja and appeared in bit roles in his movies like 16 Vayadhinile and Sigappu Rojaakkal. He was promoted to leading man, again by Bharathiraja, in Pudhiya Vaarppugal. Once he turned director, he struck his own path and after a couple of movies, figured out a formula for success. His movies were always sentimental movies, that appealed to the fairer sex, and had a light vein of humor flowing through them. His resume includes both movies like Mouna Geethangal and all-out comedies like the hilarious Indru Poi Naalai Vaa. The success of these films firmly established him as a movie maker who had his hand on the pulse of the movie goers.

With Mundhanai Mudichu, he added another ingredient to the mix of comedy and sentiments: sex. Its central theme of a wife trying to seduce her husband and the role of the sexy adult-education teacher made for enough raunchiness and double entendre dialogs. He struck box-office gold with the movie which has been his biggest success to date. Quite like Agathiyan - who tasted his biggest success with Kaadhal Koattai and then used the same theme in Kaadhal Kavidhai - Bhagyaraj too tried the same theme of a wife forced to seduce her own husband again in Idhu Namma Aalu (it was Shobana who tried to get him into bed while he stuck to his vow of celibacy) but achieved only moderate success.