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Ganesh (Vijay) is the son of Government Hospital Doctor Chandrasekar (Raghuvaran). He is a BSc graduate and who is looking for a job. He falls in love with a girl called Sandhya (Suvalakshmi) who claims she would not fall in love with any one. Her objective is to get a gold medal along with her degree. She is the daughter of Vasudevan (Rajan P. Dev) and Krishnaveni. Vasudevan is a rough police inspector and is a Doubting Thomas kind.

Ganesh visits the bus stop daily to see Sandhya and to travel in the same bus with her. As he does not know how to approach a girl to express his love, he seeks the help of his friends. They suggest some ideas to Ganesh but they don't work. Sandhya even tells Ganesh openly that she does not like him. Prithi (Manthra) is Sandhya's classmate and is a close friend of one of Ganesh's friends. He meets Prithi and requests her to convey his love to Sandhya. Prithi first refuses but later she agrees to try. But her attempt is of no use. Ganesh never gives up. He continues to try to speak to Sandhya. In the meanwhile, Sandhya's dad Vasudevan comes to know that Ganesh is following his daughter and he beats him up and arrests him. Sandhya gets into trouble too.

In an accident, Vijay loses his father. Sandhya then tells him she's in love with him but finally Ganesh refuses her love because he feels he lost too much time following a girl who never will love him truly. He realizes that it was because of her that his father died in the middle of a road and he couldn't even perform his father's last rites. Sandhya insists that she would wait for him at the bus stop the next day, waiting for him, just like he did. But, Ganesh just walks away. The next day, Sandhya is found to be standing at the bus stop, waiting for Ganesh to come. Ganesh meanwhile, takes the recommendation that his father had written for him before his death and goes for his first interview.



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