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 Starring: Vikram, Aishwarya
 Movie Director: P.C. Sreeram
 Music Director: Ilaiyaraja
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Meera is in a college and pregnant nearing labour. Here Meera tells her story of how she got to this point in a flashback.

A young man named Jeeva falls in love with her. She despises him and eventually gets him kicked out of college. After a fight with Jeeva near her house, Meera goes out for a walk and she sees a woman getting killed by a police man. She is terrified and runs to the police station to report the crime; the officer at the station is, shockingly, the murderer. The police officer, now knowing the sole witness to his crime, sends goons to her house to kill her.

By then Meera has already left and is on the run. Jeeva goes to Meera's house and finds the maid getting beaten by...  [ More ]

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