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 Sound Track Title: Mugavari
 Starring: Ajithkumar, Jyothika
 Movie Director: Durai
 Music Director: Deva
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Sridhar-Ajithkumar has been trying to become a music director for eight years. Viji-Jyothika and their friendship soon blossoms into love. She helps him get a foot in the door in the industry but bad luck spoils his chances. Viji's father asks her to get married too. But he is understandably worried when he learns that Sridhar is unemployed and following a dream that has not been realised for 8 years.Her father even offers a job to him also. But he refuses to do that since his primary goal is to become music director.

The matters ends there when her Viji's father arranges marriage with some other. He fails in love. Back in Sridhar's home, his brother Shiva-Raghuvaran, suffers a heart attack. To support his family he takes up a job. But he continues with hope that in future his dream may come true.

Oh Nenje Nee Vellai Santhira Viz Hariharan, Swarnalatha
Hmm Hmm Keechu Kiliye En Ka Harini, Chorus
Yae Nilave Yae Nilave Nan Unna Unnimenon
Aandre Nootrande Vaiyagam Va Navin
Hmm Hmm Keechu Kiliye En Ka Hariharan, Chorus
Poo Virinchachu Thaen Vilaintha Unnikrishnan, Anuradha