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 Sound Track Title: Naan Adimai Illai
 Starring: Rajanikanth, Sridevi
 Movie Director: Dwarakish
 Music Director: Vijay Anand
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Oru  Jeevanthan  Unn   Paadalthan S.P. Bala, S. Janaki
Devi Devi Thenil Kulilthanae Kath S.P. Bala, S. Janaki
Oru  Jeevanthan  Unn   Paadalthan S. Janaki
Vaa Vaa Idhayamae En Agaiyame S.P.  Bala, S. Janaki
Ponaa Pohudhu Poodava Parakku S.P. Bala, S. Janaki
Oru  Jeevanthan  Unn   Paadalthan S.P.  Balasubramaniam

Naan Adimai Illai - Review: Priya(Sridevi) is the daughter of Rajasekhar(Girish Karnad), a rich industrialist. She falls in love with Vijay(Rajnikanth), a photographer, after he rescues her from some rowdies. Going against her parents, she runs away with Vijay and they get married. The differences in their status and the attitude of Priya's parents leads to some friction between the couple and finally, a small fight blows out of proportion and ends up with Priya returning to her parents' house. There she gives birth to a son and is all ready to mend fences with Vijay. But her father's machinations prevent this. He lulls Priya into believing that her child was still-born while Vijay raises the kid.

Like Alaipayuthey, Naan Adimai Illai too doesn't stop with the lovers overcoming all opposition to unite and proceeds to focus on their life after they marry too. Unlike Manirathnam's movie, the romance here is a small portion of the film and the little that there is, is handled unimaginatively and in a rushed fashion. Both Rajni rescuing Sridevi from the rowdies and Sridevi falling for him are cinematic and we never connect with them as lovers. Its not only in the romance department that the director seems wishy-washy. Rajni's meetings with Girish Karnad too lack fire with the...[ More ]