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 Sound Track Title: Naan Sigappu Manithan
 Starring: Rajanikanth, Ambika
 Movie Director: S.A.Chandrasekharan
 Music Director: Ilaiyaraja
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Venmegam Vinnil Ninru Kanne Inr S.P. Balasubramaniam
Penn Mane Sangeetham Paadi Vaa S.P. Bala, S. Janaki
Ellorume Thirudunkathan Sollapo Ilaiyaraja
Gunkumadhu Meni Kollaida Vaa S. Janaki
Kandhi Desame Kaaval Illaiya Nith S.P. Balasubramaniam

Naan Sigappu Manithan: Based on the Charles Bronson starrer Death Wish, Naan Sigappu Manidhan offers a twist on the traditional vendetta tale. Here too, a man loses his sister and his mother to the villains. But instead of going after the villains to extract revenge, he goes after ALL bad guys. He turns into a self-styled vigilante, ridding the streets of rowdies and goondas.

Vijay(Rajnikanth) is a tamil professor living with his widowed mother and his sister. He is in love with Uma(Ambika), a lawyer. During a visit to his friend Ravi's('Nizhalgal' Ravi) house, he is disgusted by goings-on in his neighbourhood. Illicit liquor is being sold at a tea-stall while prostitution is flourishing in another house in the same colony. But his complaints to the police yield nothing since the policeman is on the villains' payroll and manages to warn them before making a raid.

When Ravi's sister is raped and killed and the perpetrator Mohanraj(Satyaraj) gets off scot-free with help from a minister, Vijay and Ravi take matters into their own hands and clean up the tea-stall and brothel on their own. Wanting to teach Vijay a lesson, Mohanraj and his goondas rape...   [ More ]