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Ninaithen Vandhai

 Starring: Vijay, Rambha, Devayani
 Movie Director: K. Selva Bharathy
 Music Director: Deva
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Gokulan Krishnan -Vijay is a music loving man who begins the movie with a dream where he sees his dream girl. The only Trademark he remembers from it is a mole which is situated next to her navel.

He then becomes determined in looking for his 'dream girl' with the help of his uncle -Mannivannan and brother in laws. On the other hand, his father arranges him to get married to a village girl Savithri -Devayani which Gokulan objects to, but Savithri loves him. Gokulan later sees his dream girl Swapna -Rambha at a wedding where he spot the mole on her navel. He then sings to her impressing her but she leaves abruptly.

He later sees her at a music class which he teaches... [ More ]

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