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 Sound Track Title: Paarthale Paravasam
 Starring: Madhavan, Simran
 Movie Director: K. Balachander
 Music Director: A.R. Rahman
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Madhavan is a doctor but he acted once in a film and therefore is the sweetheart of every eligible girl in Madras. Sneha works as a nurse under him, and she, too, is in love with him. Meanwhile, Raghavendra Lawrence is a dancer in Madras, and he is in love with Simran, another girl about town. Madhavan and Simran have an arranged marriage, and Sneha and Lawrence shelve their loves.

Madhavan and Simran's marriage is going happily when ---- out of the blue, a London woman comes with her son to Madhavan's house. The boy finds a photo of Madhavan and says, "Daddy!" Simran gets mad, accuses Madhavan, and he says, "Yes, the boy is mine." It seems he fathered the boy with the London woman back in college.. [ More ]

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