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 Sound Track Title: Samurai
 Starring: Vikram, Anita, Sriya
 Movie Director: Balaji Sakthivel
 Music Director: Harris Jayaraj
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Thiyagu-Vikram, a Medical College Student, leads a gang of four to abduct corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who use the loophole in law to enjoy their prison term in hospitals or guest houses. Deiva-

Anitha, a school girl and daughter of Sandana pandian-Nassar, a police officer on the trail of the mysterious gang, has a crush on Thiyagu. She is not aware of his real identity.

The reason for Thiyagu to take up illegal activities is out of frustration. His college mate Kavitha-Jayaseal commits suicide when she doesn't get any support from him in her effort to expose a drug sale racket in the medical college. This shocked him and spurred him into taking law into his own hands. Nabbed by Sandana pandian and hauled before the special court, Thiyagu reveals the crimes committed by those he had kidnapped. He offers to free them if they are sentenced to life imprisonment. When the judges refuses, the public storm the court. In the melee, Sandana pandian lets the gang members go scot free along with his daughter.

Aagaya  Suryanai  Ottrai  Yaa Harish Raghavendra, Harini
En Manathil Mani  Oliyaa Chi Vasundhara Das
Oru  Nadhi Oru Pournami Or Nithyashree, Tushara
Moongil  Kaadukalae  Vanthu Hariharan, Tippu
Adidadi   Apatha   Viduthalai Sunitha Rao, Vadivukkarasi