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Sendhoora Pandi

 Starring: Vijayakanth, Gouthami
 Movie Director: S.A. Chandrasekhar
 Music Director: Deva
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The story is about Vijay is a college student who comes back after finished his studies. He meets village headman's daughter Yuvarani, both of them in love with each other. Yuvarani's father Mansoor Alikhan opposes to their marriage.

Vijaykanth is the elder brother of Vijay who returns from jail. The story carries a flashback of Vijaykanth where Gouthami is his lover. Finally what happens? Is Vijay and Yuvarani wins in their love forms the rest of the story.

Due to his close friendship with Vijay's father S. A Chandrasekharan, Vijayakanth played a second hero in this movie.

Sendhoora Pandikkoru Chodikili S.P. Bala, Chitra
Aadathada  Aadathada Manitha Deva
Chinna Chinna  Saeithi Solli Van Mano, Swarnalatha
Pullaiyaare Pullaiyaare Udaikka Mano, Chorus
Maane Naane Saranam Saranam Surendar, Swarnalatha