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 Sound Track Title: Unnai Ninaithu
 Starring: Surya, Sneha, Laila
 Movie Director: Vikraman
 Music Director: Sirpi
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Vikraman had done a realistic work on this triangular love story. He had strongly and undeniably conveyed the message that a woman gives her love to a man only on the bases of his status. What he also had told between the lines, is that through its her parents who push her into it, in the end, it's the woman who loses her peace.

Out of poverty Surya works as a receptionist in his very own lodge. Even before he could recover from the wounds of being rejected by Laila's family for his lack of status, the lodge manager's daughter (Sneha) falls in love with him.

Ramji is introduced as the rich friend of Surya. Laila sends up living in poverty with her...  [ More ]

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Yaar Intha Devathai Yaar In Unnimenon
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