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 Sound Track Title: Unnai Thedi
 Starring: Ajith, Malavika, Vivek
 Movie Director: Sundar C
 Music Director: Deva
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Raghu -Ajith, studying in Australia, goes to New Zealand with a friend and runs into Malavika. They start off having petty fights but end up falling in love. But circumstances force them to separate without exchanging any information about each other.

Back home, Ajith makes friends with Karan and chances upon his family photograph which surprisingly includes his mother -Srividya, who as far as he knew had no relations. But on questioning, his mother reveals that she was part of a large family but had been sent out of the family after deciding to wed someone of her own choice.

Ajith travels to the village as Karan's friend and soon endears himself to the members of his family.... [ More ]

Malavika Malavika Mana Hariharan, Chitra
Kaatraga Varuvaya Kana Naveen
Naalai  Kaalai Nehril Var Hariharan
Oyilaa  Oyilaarae  Oyilaa Mano, Chorus
Pooralae  Poorale  En Kan Hariharan
Neethana    Neethana   En Hariharan, Sujatha