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 Sound Track Title: Varushamellam Vasantham
 Starring: Manoj, Gunal, Anitha
 Movie Director: Ravishankar
 Music Director: Sirpy
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Raja -Manoj and Ramesh -Kunal are brothers -- as different from each other as one can imagine. Raja is a dim wit and wastrel who is a school drop out. Ramesh, on the other hand, goes on to finish his M. Tech degree and settles down well in life. In a family of highly educated people, Raja is the odd one out.

The grandfather -Nambiar slights him at every available opportunity and the others too are not overtly concerned. You expect the young man to turn vindictive and villainous -- but no this is a family drama where extreme emotions are rare. There is no hardcore villain or all powerful hero. This is a heartening factor of ``Varushamellam...''

Soon Latha -Anita the heroine arrives on the scene....   [ More ]

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