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 Sound Track Title: Vetri Vizha
 Starring: Kamal, Prabu, Kushbu
 Movie Director: Prathap Pothan
 Music Director: Ilaiyaraja
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Marukko   Marukko   Marukaiye S.P. Bala, Chitra, Chorus
Poonkatru  Unper  Solla  Kettene S.P. Bala, Chitra
Thathom Thalanku Thathom Tho S.P. Bala, S. Janaki
Seevi Sinukeduthu Poovai Mudin Malaysia Vasudevan, Janaki
Vanam  Enna  Kizhirukka  Boomi S.P. Bala, Malaysia Vasudevan

Vetri Vizha: It's about a cop Vetrivel - Kamal, who loses his memory and he tries to get it all back, not knowing if he was the good guy or bad guy. The clues all point to him being a master criminal (You guessed it, Kamal was an undercover cop impersonating as a bad guy when he lost his memory). How he comes to know of his identity and takes revenge on the villain who killed his wife forms the plot. Great, the story is nice, if only Tamil cinema cold leave it at that. They had to bring in Prabhu & Kushboo, they had to bring in S.S.Chandran, Chinni Jayanth and their cheap brand of comedy, they had to do all that to make the movie celebrate its verti vizha.

Now, I am not saying that these masala elements were not entertaining, in fact they were rather enjoyable. But it could have been cut down significantly. The best parts of the movie came in the 1st half, when Kamal was searching for his identity, Kamal was really in his element for this movie looking really smart and all that and gave a masterful performance.had to do all that to make the movie celebrate its verti vizha.

The Kamal in this movie was smart, suave and except for the big dark glasses part, fashionable. He carried of the cop role with aplomb. Besides kamal, Kushboo the thing I liked was the naming of the heroes: VETRI & VIJAY. The one thing that was really irritating about this movie was the music, the songs were ok, I am talking about the BGM. Gangai Amaran has delivered stuff worse than Harris Jayaraj in this department. Can't believe it...you have to hear the nursery rhymes combined with Merry Go Round style music for the fighting scenes.