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 Sound Track Title: Johnny
 Starring: Rajanikanth, Sridevi
 Movie Director: Mahenran
 Music Director: Ilaiyaraja
 TamilBeat Rating:                   

Senorita I Love You My Sweetheart S.P. Balasubramaniam
Kaatril Endhan Geetham Kanathaa S. Janaki
En Vaanilae Orae Vennila En Vaan Jency
Oru Iniya Manathu Isaiyai Anaith Jency
Aasai Katrula Thoothuvittu Adiya S.P. Shailaya

Johnny Movie Review: Movies involving double roles rarely stray from the beaten path. The most common plot is ofcourse the brothers separated at birth who unite to take revenge on the people who killed their parents and separated them.

We also have the comical 'Prince and the Pauper' version where the look a likes switch places , leading to comic situations. So it is a pleasant surprise to see Johny, which provides a double role for the hero but does not resort to any of the common plot devices. It offers a interesting story that makes full use of the dual role. It sets up an interesting situation based on two men who look alike and then resolves it in a clever and satisfying way.

Johny(Rajnikanth) is a petty thief who steals from the rich to pay off the debt his father has accumulated. Vidyasagar (Rajnikanth), a barber by profession and a lazy, stingy man by habit, is his look-alike. Johny falls in love with Chitra(Sridevi), a singer and pretty soon, Chitra, who is as lonely as he is, falls for him too. Vidyasagar helps out Bama(Deepa), a poor woman, and soon falls in love with her. But Bama, who always has an eye on the better things in life, cheats him. The lives of Johny and Vidyasagar then intersect in unexpected ways...[ More ]