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 Sound Track Title: Pudhu Kavithai
 Starring: Rajani, Sarita, Jyothi
 Movie Director: S.P. Muthuraman
 Music Director: Ilaiyaraja
 TamilBeat's Rating:                    

Vellai Poora Onru Enkuthu Kaiyil K.J. Jesudas,  S. Janaki
Vaa Vaa Vasanthame Sugam Tha Malaysia Vasudevan
Vellai Poora Onru  Ponthu  Kaiyil K.J. Jesudas
Harey  Vaa  Vaa  Ilam  Poove Vaa K.J. Jesudas,  S. Janaki

Pudhu Kavithai - Review: Two common aspects of a Rajnikanth movie, atleast since became a leading man, are not seen in Pudhu Kavidhai. The most surprising of these is that he does not get his girl. He is a minute too late and has to watch another man wed her.

The second is that there is no climactic fight where he fends of the villains. A long ride on a motorcycle is the only feature of the low-key climax. Infact, Pudhu Kavidhai is less like a Rajnikanth movie and more like a generic love story featuring heroes more known for their romantic roles.

Anand(Rajnikanth) is the unbeaten motorcycle champion six years in a row. Winning the championship brings him into contact with Uma(Jyothi), the daughter of Thilakavathy(Sukumari), a haughty, rich woman. Uma hates him for his dark complexion but this naturally soon turns into love(a forcible kiss is all it takes!). But Thilakavathy has more aces up her sleeve.

She deceives Anand and Uma into thinking that she agrees to their wedding while secretly planning to get Uma married off to a boy of her choice. She gets Anand locked up on the day of the wedding. Anand escapes but is unable to... [ More ]