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 Sound Track Title: 180 - Rules Kidaiyathu
 Starring: Siddarth, Priya Anand
 Movie Director: Jayendra
 Music Director: Shareth
 TamilBeat's Rating:                        

Santhikatha Kangalil Inbanga Unnimenon, Chitra, Sowmya
Rules  Kidaiyathu Kiliyadtum Tippu
Radhae Radhae  Mana  Bholae Ravi Shankar, Ramya Kapadia
Nee Korinal  Nanam  Varatha Karthik, Swetha
Niyayam  Thana Kanave Unn Shareth
Nalai  Podum  Seithithal Yenn Vidya, Aswath, Sarath
Aae J Aae J Manam Maraipath VidhuPrathap, RamyaKapadia

Ad filmmaker Jayendra's film will be a bi-lingual, shot simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu. "I felt that it was a perfect film to gain a re-entry to Kollywood. Every shot was canned in both Tamil and Telugu. As I speak both languages fluently, it wasn't taxing for me. In fact, it was a new experience because, with every scene, I got the opportunity to improve my performance. And, I was thrilled to deliver dialogues in Tamil after a long time!" she says excitedly.

Priya just can't stop raving about her director, Jayendra, and her co-star, Siddharth. "As 180 is Jayendra's first film, expectations are high. He is very knowledgeable and yet quite approachable. Thanks to him, I could see a new me, right from my looks to the way my character has shaped up."

Siddharth plays an NRI doctor in the USA and Priya Anand plays his wife. He flies to India where he meets Nitya Menon’s character and he falls in love with her. The movie deals with the trials and moral battles within this trio as Siddharth tries to figure out which of the women he would like to spend the rest of his life with… and in doing so, how both the women themselves are affected.