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 Sound Track Title: Gandhi Kanakku
 Starring: Ramana, Richa Sinha
 Movie Director: Sampath
 Music Director: A.K. Rishaal Sai
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Sampath Aarumugam who was an assistant to director Sai is directing this film. While speaking about this film, he said,” When every body remembers Gandhi, they think of spectacles, walking stick and kadhar dress.

Most of the people do not know that Gandhi was a barrister who wore coat and suit. Gandhi Kanakku was created by keeping in mind this character. The hero Ramana’s role is that he speaks about a burning problem in our country and the solution he gives is called Gandhi Kanakku.

The main crux of the film is that how an MBA graduate helps to change the society. Except the hero and heroine, the other characters in the first half will not appear in the second half.

The screenplay is structured in such a way. There is no villain in this film. If the country has to be changed, changes should first take place in one’s house. We have told the view strongly that any changes or service should begin from home.”

Podu Podu Sakka Podu Kodu S.P. Bala, Chorus
Devathayae Kaadhal Varam Karthik
Iyayayoo  Iyayayoo   Pidichi Prasanna, Vinitha
Vizhigal  Podum Kadithaam Chinmayi, Chorus
Evala Evala En Idham  Muzh Karthik
Kalakka  Poranda  Kala  Kala Prasanna
Evala  Evala En Idham Muzh


Ko  Kokarako  Yenai   Parthu Rishaal Sai, Prashanthini