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 Sound Track Title: Indiralogathil Naa Azha...
 Starring: Vadivelu, Suja, Shriya
 Movie Director: J. Thambirammaiya
 Music Director: Sabesh Murali
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Nanoru  Devathai  Nattiya Tha M.Balakrishna, Sadhana Sargam
Nee  Kondru Kuvithum Thindr Manicka Vinayagam
Poikkal  Kuthirayil Porukku Po Tippu, Chorus
Mehee  Apsara  Najme  Namba Chitra
Namo Namo Narayana -Tamil Krishnaraj, Chorus
Namo Namo Naraya  -  Telugu Krishnaraj, Chorus
Mallika  Sherawata  Merlyn Me Jassie Gift, Anuradha S, Suchitra

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Indiralogathil Shriya: how it happened? - Vadivelu, who is donning three different roles in 'Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan', had explained the press about how they got the hot girl Shriya dancing for a single song in the movie.

According to him, the producer Manikkam Narrayanan approached Shriya to appear in the song and the heroine obliged. It was purely a professional decision by the actress, Vadivelu added.

Vadivelu told this to the Internet and TV channels whom the team of Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan met following the audio launch function. The meet took place in the producerís (Seventh Channel) office. He also reflected....  [ More ]