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 Sound Track Title: Madurai Veeran
 Starring: Ramesh, Saloni
 Movie Director: R.K. Vincent Selva
 Music Director: Srikanth Deva
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Kalaiyum Neeyae Malaiyum Nee Srikanth, Beaby Srikanth
Neethanadi Adi  En Kadhali Unn Harish Ragavendra
Yaadava Theruvila Oru Peddika Gana Ulaganthan, Chorus
Mudhal Mudhalaka  Mudhal Mu Shreya Ghosal
Nyokka  Makka  Nyokka  Makka Srikanth, Sendil Daas, Priya
Uyirum  Uyirum  Onru  Serndhu Sendil Daas, Susithira Raaman

`Madurai Veeran' is one of the successful films of the late MGR. Now A. Sayeed is producing a film with the same name for S. K. Pictures with `Jithan' Ramesh in the lead.

Director R. K.Vincent Selva, who introduced Ramesh in the film `Jithan,' is now joining hands with the star for the second time. Will they click?  ``Sure'', the director says, adding "let me clarify that the film has no connection with the old `Madurai Veeran'.

In the old film, the lead actor will lose his hands and legs for his ladylove." But in this new film, lead actor Ramesh, whose other films include `Madhu' and `Jerry', will not hesitate to take away hands and legs of any person for the sake of love.

It is about youth attraction. Saloni, who has acted with Salman Khan in a Hindi film, will play the female lead role.