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 Sound Track Title: Malai Malai
 Starring: Arun Vijay, Vedhika
 Movie Director: A. Venkatesh
 Music Director: Manisharma
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Anbu Manam Anandha Raagam Karthik, Rita
Pooparikka Solli  Poova Kettukol Karthik, Swetha
Nee Hello  Sollavillai Yendral Or Jyothsna
Ohh Maare Oh Maare Indha Uth Ranjith, Sainthavi
Othaikku   Othaiya   Nitppaenda Naveen, Rahul
Malai    Malai   -   Theme   Music Instrumental - Manisharma

Vedhika, who put up a neat show in Muni, Kaalai and Sakkarakatti, will be the heroine of Malai Malai. Pooja was supposed to play the role, but she opted out since she was busy with other projects.

Malai Malai is produced by doctor-turned-producer Dr. Mohan - Arun Vijay’s father-in-law and Hemanth Kumar. It is considered one of the most promising films of 2009. “Parkour” has become the buzzword of the industry ever since it was announced that Arun Vijay will perform Parkour-style stunts in Malai Malai (like Daneil Craig did in the opening scenes of Casino Royale).

A. Venkatesh directing this film means it will be full of factors that constitute a successful commercial film. But the director has also tried out a new screenplay to match Arun Vijay’s personality and the intense actions sequences of the film.