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 Sound Track Title: Mayanginen Thayanginen
 Starring: Nithin Sathya, Disha
 Movie Director: Vendhan
 Music Director: Kannan
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 Says Nitin, ‘I do not want to do a hundred films; I just want to do films that will prove my talent. Hence I have very few films to my credit. I feel Mayanginaen Thayanginaen will certainly help me make it to the top.’

On his part, the director says, ‘It is a love a story with a message. Four friends and the happenings in their life form the story. Hero is a call taxi driver, the character is an extrovert who falls in love with a telephone operator.

I have also included in the screenplay a message about how mentally challenged people are abused. We have shot one song using a Super 35mm camera. A youthful film, it has all the ingredients that will make it a box office success.’

Kanavil Neeyum  Vanthu Tho Vijay Prakash
Mayanginen Thayanginen Un Satyaprakash
Kadavulin   Kovil  Idhayamae Swetha Mohan
Unnai Vittu Poonaal Yenthan Haricharan
Mayanginen Thayanginen Un Thilaka
Aadi Varum Thera Aadungad Mukesh, Chinnaponnu