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 Sound Track Title: Meenkothi
 Starring: Ajay, Shobana Naidu
 Movie Director: Sanjayram
 Music Director: Dhina
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The story of Meenkothi revolves around a daughter-in-law who creates trouble among the family members. A man enters seeing the fracas in the family. Is he able to solve the problem? The story, screenplay, dialogue and direction are by Sanjayram.

It has action, sentiment and romance in good measure. Inspired by a real-life story that took place in Tirunelveli District, the film has been shot in Chennai, Achankoil, Kuttralam and Kodaikanal.

Hero Ajya approached some film companies, where they asked him, ‘Why is your father not giving you a break?’ When he told his dad this, he immediately started this production. He learnt dance under Kala master and stunts from Jaguar Thangam. He have done my best and thank his dad and the technical crew.

Chumma   Chumma  Parthu Krish, Chinmayi
Sumba Sumba  Paiyya Soori Anuradha Sriram, Premji
Sarvey Sarvey  Sarvesaa Un Vijay Jesudas

Kelunga Aiyaa  Naanum Sol

Gangai Amaran

Kandravi Kaadhal Paaru Pa

Shankar Mahadevan, Mahathi