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 Sound Track Title: Mudhal Thagaval Arikkai
 Starring: Rayan, Kalpana Jeyam
 Movie Director: Pa. Rajaganesan
 Music Director: Ravi Raagav
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“MTA seeks to go deep into the many real-life criminal occurrences that we get to read about and watch on television. These sensational news would be highlighted by the media for a maximum of 3-4 days. Nobody bothers as to what happens to the cases later and how they culminate. We have tried our best to dwell into these aspects.

“None of us know what might happen to us at the very next moment; life is so uncertain. We have taken a particular case and approached it from all possible angles. We decided to go for an entire cast of newcomers so that the viewers don’t feel tired of seeing the same faces again and again. We want the audiences to appreciate its niceties,” says Ganesan.

Un Urengum  Veesum Adi Un Sathya Prakash, Monisha
Un Atthanum Naanthane Ena Senthil Das, Surmuki
Un Varthai Ellam En Tholaipe Sathya Prakash

Sarakkethuna  Murukkeruthu

Ujjayinee Rai
Mannargudi Mathilazhagu In Jayamurthy. D.
Yaar Yengo  Piranthom  Vithi Ravi Raagav
Kolaiveri  Narigalai  Pulikond M.L.R. Karthikeyan
Kullachi  Kallachi  Unmele Kir Alaap Raju, Sri Vrdhini