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 Sound Track Title: Muruga
 Starring: Mahesh, Sruthi Sharma
 Movie Director: R.D. Nesan
 Music Director: Karthik Raja
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Aavalai  Paadida  Varthaigal  Illai Details Not Available
Pollatha   Kirukku   Pudichirukku Details Not Available
Melaththa  Kottu Thalaththa Kott Details Not Available
Kuththunna  Kummang  Kuththu Details Not Available
Chinnam Chiru Chitte En Cheena Details Not Available

It's a fresh team for the new film 'Muruga'. While debutants Mahesh and Shruti Sharma play the lead, Samiksha has a crucial role in the film. It is directed by R D Nesan, who has apprenticed under directors like Vincent Selva, Bhagyaraj and Udayshanker. Producing it is Kondan, who steps in from the world of advertising to make his first feature film under the same company name of Cocktail Dream Films.

The story begins in a village in Rameswaram and shifts to Chennai in the second half. It's about a youth who falls in love with the same girl twice. Once as an adolescent while in school, and the next time when they later meet in the city and fail to recognise each other, says the director.

Mahesh plays a youth who comes to the city in search of a livelihood and gets a job in a courier office. Shruti is the daughter of a wealthy family who comes to the city to join a medical college.....     [ More ]