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 Sound Track Title: Pidichirukku
 Starring: Ashok, Visaka, Saranya
 Movie Director: Kanagu
 Music Director: Manu Ramesan
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Enn Kadhalae Kan Theduthae En S.P. Balasubramaniam
Yengae   Nee   Povadho   Inkae - I Mano, Abhijith, Lakshmi
Katrodu  Solli  Ponaiyae Endhan Karthik, SadanaSargam, Sam
Yaaridam Naan Yaaridam Kuru Harish Raghavendra, Sujatha
Yengae   Nee  Povadho  Inkae - II Salil Husain
Pidichirukku     -    Theme  Music Instrumental    -    Naveen Iyer

They have obviously started off on the right note by choosing characters that are sufficiently removed from cinema stereotypes: Velu (Ashok) is a broker in a lorry-booking office in Thoothukkudi, while Manju Mariadoss (Visaka), a Roman Catholic, is a first year Maths student at a sufficiently down-south college where students are actually in class, studying.

And their first encounter, even if it's a tiff, is fresh enough for you to sit up and take notice. While driving, Velu is thrown off his seat by a studious Manju's flapping dupatta, whereupon they get into a flaming row. But it is the way that tiff slowly blossoms into love that is refreshingly sweet and different, despite being a theme that's been handled a zillion times in Tamil cinema.

Manju's 'love-letter' is hilariously misunderstood by Esakki aka Tyre (Kanja Karuppu, as the perfect accompanying comedian), who takes every opportunity of eavesdropping on the developments, much to Velu's joyous embarrassment. From a demure girl who's nervous of a furious Velu, Manju slowly metamorphoses into someone who begins to see his other side; the caring, perseverant young man who's keen on making his mark in the world. The series of swift montages that show them falling in love are a delight to watch.