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 Sound Track Title: Poi Solla Porom
 Starring: Karthik, Peethi, Mouli
 Movie Director: Vijay
 Music Director: M.G. Shree Kumar
 TamilBeat's Rating:                          

Kannamoochi Aattam Vazhgai Ka Karthik
Indha Payanathil  Ini Enna Nadan Swetha
Gandhi Notti  Kaiyil Irunthal Kak Kailash Kher
Ullagame  Nadaga  Medai Ingu Na Jessie Gift
Indha Payanathil  Ini Enna Nadan Ranjith
Oru  Varthai  Pesamal Oru Parvai Shreya Ghoshal

Shortage of titles and problems arising out of titles has become an inexorable part of Tamil cinema. Using titles of old films for new ones and another person using an already registered title has become common place. Now 'Poi Solla Porom' is caught in a court case.

Shanmugapriyan of Kilpauk in Chennai has filed a case in the city civil court. According to that:  As a member of the Tamil Film Producers Association, I have registered the title 'Poi Solla Poren' on 31st January this year. Till next year January 29, this title belongs to me. This has also been featured in the monthly journal of the Producers Association.

When that is the case, Four Frames Pictures has produced a film with the title 'Poi Solla Porom.' They have even released the trailer and the audio. They have purposely used my title with an ulterior motive. I filed a case about this in the Producers Association. No action was taken. That's why I have now filed a case that another company cannot use a film title that I have already formally registered."

This case came up for hearing in the 3rd Assistant City Civil Court before judge Hemalatha. She has requested the concerned producers to file a counter petition regarding this case.