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 Sound Track Title: Seedan
 Starring: Dhanush, Ananya
 Movie Director: Subramaniyam Siva
 Music Director: Dheena
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Yehlelo  Valliamma Nambaa S.Mahadevan, Chinnaponnu
Munpani Kazha Poovilae Un Shreya Ghoshal
Yenadhu Uyirai Muthalmur Prasanna, Janani Iyer
Saravana Samayal Ithu Sarv Hariharan, Dhanush
Oru Naal Mattum Sirikka Ye Chitra
Yadhumakiye  Vethamakiye S. Mahadevan, Kavitha Krishna

‘Seedan’ is an adaptation of the 2002 Malayalam super hit film ‘Nandhanam’ written and directed by Ranjith. The plot of ‘Seedan’ is said to be a sentimental love story between an orphaned servant girl who is taken care of like her daughter by the owner of the house and the owner’s son who comes in to stay for a few days before leaving for USA. The servant girl is a great devotee of Lord Murugan and she is surprised to see the man, who appeared in her dreams as her husband, in front of her. They eventually fall in love.

When the boy’s household disapproves his marriage with a servant, the disheartened girl prays to Lord Murugan. Then, a cook comes into the household and consoles the girl. He also predicts some dramatic events that will eventually lead to their marriage. Then in a surprising turn of events all end well. Later she realizes that it was Lord Murugan himself who came to comfort her as the cook.

Dhanush plays an extended cameo in the film. He plays the cook who is instrumental in bringing together the young lovers. Dhanush enters the scene towards the end of the first half and comes throughout the second half carrying the film on his shoulders. It is an important role and without Dhanush the story makes no sense, the director clarifies. He also affirms that ‘Seedan’ will be a Dhanush film in every sense.