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 Sound Track Title: Siruthai
 Starring: Karthi, Tamanna
 Movie Director: Siva
 Music Director: Vidyasagar
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Naan Romba  Rombaa Nalla Ranjith, Chorus
Azhagha      Poranthuputtan Malathy Laxman, Priyadharshini
Aararo  Ariraro  Ambulikku Srivardhini
Rakkamma Rakku Nenjukul Ranjith, Suchitra, Roshan
Chellam  Intha  Chellam Yen Udit Narayan, Roshan, Surmukhi

‘Siruthai’ is directed by Siva, a noted cinematographer-director in Telugu known for fast pace commercial ventures like ‘Shouryam’ and ‘Shankam’. He is debuting in Tamil with this film. In the film Karthi plays the role of a honest police officer Ratnavel Pandian IPS and a cutpurse petty thief Rocket Raja. Tamannah is Rocket Raja’s love interest. Santhanam is Pattu Poochi, the sidekick of Rocket Raja. Avinash, Rajiv Kanakala and Manobala are also in the cast. Meghna Naidu has done an item number.

‘Siruthai’ is about two contradicting characters, different values in the society. But destiny brings them together resulting in unexpected chain of events. Rocket Raja is a cunning thief in the art of cut purse who never leaves anything during his acts. He and his side kick Pattu Poochi follow this rituals wholeheartedly. Suddenly Rocket Raja’s life is turned upside down when a little girl (Baby Rakshana) approaches claiming him to be her father.

Stunned by the blow Rocket Raja slowly finds out the truth. The little girl turns out to be the daughter of an honest police officer Ratnavel Pandian IPS who was after the deadly dons in the city. During one his courageous acts he gets killed in action in front of Rocket Raja. Rocket Raja and his past revisits changing the faces of present for a paradisiacal future. Rocket Raja now decides to take on the dons on behalf of the dead cop Ratnavel Pandian. The good takes on the evil.