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 Sound Track Title: Sooran
 Starring: Karan, Anu, Shibali
 Movie Director: Balu Narayanan
 Music Director: P.B. Balaji
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Karan, who has been very adamant for the past few years that he would only be playing hero’s roles in films, has signed up ‘Sooran’ directed by Balu Narayanan. The film is produced by Aravona Pictures and would dwell deep into the lives of residents of North Chennai who are putting up with much discomfiture in their lives even as they attempt to enjoy their lives.

 ‘Sooran’ wont’ be about individual glory and valour as almost all the characters depicted in the film would be shown to be possessing some sort of bravery and act of courage says Balu. Karan gets to romance Anu from Kerala and Shibali Sharma from New Delhi.

The film stars directors Manivannan, Ponvannan, Rajkapoor and Santhanabarathy, actors Jegan, ‘Pithamagan’ Mahadevan and veteran actress S.N. Parvathy.

Thappae Thappilla Thappana Udit Narayan, Rita
Ayyanar Kuthiraiyila Aayira Harini, Chorus
Yethatho  Matram  Niram Ma Pop Shalini Singh
Mamanoda  Colouru   Koncha Balu Narayanan
Yengaporae  Sami Porayidam Balu Narayanan
Vaa  Mama  Vayasupulla Koo Surmuki, Vidyalakshmi, Rita