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 Sound Track Title: Subramaniyapuram
 Starring: Jay, Swathy, Sasi
 Movie Director: Sasi Kumar
 Music Director: James Vasanthan
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Kangal Iranthal Kangal Iranth Belly Raj, Deepa Mariam
Subramaniyapuram  - Theme Instrumental
Kadhal Siluvayil Aaraithal En Shankar Mahadevan
Theneeril  Snehitham Theeraa Benny Dayal, Chorus
Madhura Kulungaa Kulungaa Suchitra, Murugan, Bhanumathi

The story, set in the 80s, takes place in Madurai Subramaniapuram, a suburb of the city. Movies like Palaivana Cholai dwelt around four friends. Perhaps Sasikumar impressed by such classics, has made an attempt of chronicling the life of a group of friends. They are fun-loving and carefree, who spend most of their time together. Jai, Kanja Karuppu and Sasikumar, are typical youths, who do not miss an opportunity to fight when they come across a brawl on the streets. Often arrested, they come out of jail with the help of a neighbor, played by Samudhirakani.

The irony is that Jai falls in love with the Councilor's daughter. When the councilor is ditched by a member of an opposite gang, the trio step in and bump off the man. Unfortunately Samudhirakani doesn't help them this time and the three are remanded for murder. However, they manage to come out themselves. They then vow to settle scores with Samudhirakani and the Councilor. The revenge plot has enough twists and turns. A movie is loaded with fun and suspense all through and is pleasant to watch coming across as a whiff of fresh air amidst commercial clichés. Sasikumar and Jai impress. Their body language and diction of the Madurai Tamil are noteworthy.

Due credit should be given to music composer James Vasanthan, a television anchor-turned-music director. He has reminded everyone of Ilayaraja during his heydays, James background score is scintillating. Subramaniapuram’ is a must-watch movie for those who love realism in Tamil Cinema.