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 Sound Track Title: Thalaimagan
 Starring: Sarathkumar, Nayantra
 Movie Director: R.D. Balaji
 Music Director: J. Paul
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Theen Theana  Unakkul Tholain S.P. Bala, Chinmaye
Nooru  Nooru  Century Paaru I Tippu, Priyadharshini
Vellikkinnathil Thanga Paanan Hantiria, Sangeetha Sajith
Naan  Uppu  Muttai Erattumaa Grace, Karunas
Nooru Nooru  Century Paaru II Sarathkumar, Priyadharshini
Penakkaran Vaarukiren Orutha Kailashekar, Veeramani, Yoges

Thalaimagan is a story of an investigative journalist Dheeran (Sarathkumar), who is intent on exposing corrupt minister Shanmugavadivelu (Mukesh Tiwari) and his stooge, the state director general of police (DGP) Alangaram (Seema Biswas).

The story revolves around a bottled water plant in a village sanctioned by the minister for a quid pro quo. Dheeran is against the project as it would deplete the ground water resources and warns the people and government about its dangers.

The minister sends his goons to silence the newspaper owner (Vijayakumar) permanently. But the hero takes up the challenge, and continues his tirade against the minister's corrupt practices.

In an act of revenge, Seema Biswas plants a bomb in the car in which Dheeran is traveling. The bomb rips apart his co-passengers, but Dheeran lands on a goods train heading to Kerala. He is given medical care there, and two years later, he returns to Chennai to hunt down his enemies... [ More ]