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 Sound Track Title: Thamizh Padam
 Starring: Shiva, Disha Pandey
 Movie Director: C.S. Amudhan
 Music Director: Kannan
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The story opens in a village where male infanticide is predominant, and all male babies are required to be killed immediately after birth. One such baby is headed for such a fate, until he "speaks" to his caretaker-grandmother (Paravai Muniyamma) and asks to be sent to Chennai on a goods train, where he plans to grow into a hero. The old woman complies, and takes the baby to Chennai and raises him herself, living in the city's poorer section.

On growing into manhood, Shiva (Shiva) gains a reputation by beating up extortionists and saving a rape victim; soon he is glorified as a mass hero. He manages to defeat gangster Devaraj with a clever exchange of puns and a costumed associate. He spends his time hanging out, drinking and playing carrom with his gang of friends, comprising of Nakul (M. S. Bhaskar), Bharath (Venniradai...      [ More ]

O Maha Zeeya  O Maha Zeeya Hariharan, Swetha Mohan
Kuthu  Vilakku   Saththiyama Ujjaini
Thamizh   Padam    -     Theme Kannan
Pacha Manja Karuppu Thami Mukesh, Chorus
Oru Sooravali Kilampiyathae Shankar Mahadevan