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 Sound Track Title: Thimiru
 Starring: Vishal, Reema, Shreya
 Movie Director: Tarun Gopi
 Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja
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Kattiko Rappa Rappa Ottikko Ra Kunal, Shreya Ghoshal
Thithikkira  Vayasu Paththikira Anupama
Maana  Madurai  Kuthira  Onnu Shankar Mahadevan
Money Money  Money  Aankalin Anuska
Oppurane  Oppurane Eatho Ach Gangai Amaran
Thithi   -   Thimiru Theme Music Yuvan Shankar, Anupama

Those who saw the rushes of Tarun Gope directed Vishal’s Thimiru are raving about Shreya Reddy’s performance.

The buzz is that Shreya role is a closely guarded secret as she is the pivot around which the story moves to a stunning climax. At the Thimiru press conference, Vishal told the media that they were purposely avoiding Shreya from the publicity stills as she will be the surprise element in the film.

But we understand that Shreya plays Easwari, a foul mouthed village vixen from Madurai who is the scene stealer in Thimiru. This role will perhaps make her as famous as Neelambari of Padayappa says a unit member.

Shreya told  “It is the best role that I have done so far. Easwari is very powerful character and all I can say now is that either the audience will love me or hate me in the role”. Adds Shreya with a smile: “Easwari is a bit like me… Arrogant and cares two hoots for what people think”