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 Sound Track Title Chandramukhi
 Starring Rajani, Nayantara
 Movie Director P. Vasu
 Music Director Vidyasagar
 TamilBeat Rating            

Koncham Neram Koncham Nera Asha Boshle, Madhu Balakirshna
Annanoda Pattu Addampoduda Kay Kay, Karthik, Sujatha
Aththithom Thinthium Thothaa S.P. Bala, Vaishali
Devuda Devuda Ezhumalai Devu S.P. Balasubramaniam
Kokku Paara Paara Kozhi Paara Tippu, Vinayagam, Rajaluxmi
Raa Raa Saaraskku Raa Raa Raa Binni Krishna Kumar, Tippu
Chandramukhi Movie Preview: Rajnikanth’s “Chandramukhi” is the most eagerly awaited film of 2005 in Tamil. It is a sort of comeback vehicle for the superstar, as his last film “Baba” was a flop. A lot is riding on “Chandramukhi” which is said to be a remake of “Aapthamitra” from Kannada, which itself was inspired from Fazil’s “Manichitrathazhu” from Malayalam.

Nayantara, who made a sensational debut in Tamil with “Ayya” is Rajni’s heroine in “Chandramukhi”. Nayantara has already been paired with superstars in Malayalam and she is all set to make it big in Tamil with “Chandramukhi”.

In Fazil's classic "Manichitrathazhu", Mohanlal played Rajni's role as a psychiatrist who comes from US to find out the unusual happenings in his friend's house. Shobhana's excellent performance won...[ More ]



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